Simpson Strong Tie CBT2Z-KT Concealed Beam Tie Kit ZMAX Galvanised


The STCBT2Z-KT Concealed Beam Tie is part of our concealed structural connector range, which combines structural strength with invisibility. Designed to connect horizontal beams atop a vertical post, the STCBT2Z-KT continues the structural load path into the foundation through the CPT. The cylindrical design allows installations with a common drill bit. The CBT is available in two models designed to connect beams and posts of a variety of sizes. It is part of a concealed connector system that includes the CPT and CJT.


  • Manufactured in heavier gauge steel for a stronger connection
  • Flattened sides enable installer to lay part on beam or post to mark where holes need to be drilled
  • Locator tabs provide proper dimensional layout of dowel pin holes
  • Clear markings distinguish which end installs into the post and which goes into the beam to help reduce installer error
  • Tested and load-rated engineering data available
  • Suitable for Glulam and solid sawn timber
  • Required dowel pins included
  • Installation
  • Use all specified fasteners
  • The CBT2Z requires a minimum 140mm deep beam
  • The CBT2Z Kit comes complete with 83mm dowels




Brand: Simpson Strong Tie

Category: Fasteners

Post Size Minimum: 90mmx90mm

Beam Size Minimum: 140mmx90mm

Material: Carbon Steel 2.7mm thick

Finish: ZMAX® Galvanised




Design Capacity is the lesser of (1) the Characteristic Capacity multiplied by the Australian Capacity Factor (φ) or the NZ Strength Reduction Factor (φ), and applicable the k1 modification factors following AS 1720.1 or NZS3603 and (2) the Serviceability Capacity which is the load at 3.2 mm joint slip. Design Capacity is the minimum of test data and structural joint calculation.

For Australia, the Capacity Factor (φ) is 0.85 for nails and screws for structural joints in a Category 1 application. Reduce tabulated values where other Category applications govern.

For NZ, the Strength Reduction Factor (Ø) is 0.7 for ‘other types’ of fasteners for structural joints.

Duration of Load Factor (k1) is as shown. Reduce Duration of Load Factor (k1) where applicable. Capacities may not be increased.

Timber species for joint design is seasoned Radiata Pine, which is Australia Joint Group JD4 per AS 1720.1 Table H2.4. Or NZ Joint Group J5 as per NZS3603 Table 4.1.

Lateral loads is in the direction parallel to the beam.

Lag or carriage bolts are not permitted.

Structural composite timber columns have sides that show either the wide faces or the edges of the timber strands/veneers. Values in the table reflect dowel installation into the wide face.


Brand Simpson Strong Tie

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