What is the challenge?
Simply, there is too much waste on construction sites. Due to our contribution, we view this as a big problem. This is a very real issue and we need to be a part of the solution.

Our commitment:
GFC is committed to reducing construction industry waste through a holistic approach by implementing progressive, forward-thinking solutions to advance environmental, social and economic sustainability.


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What’s next?
How can we assist in reducing waste on construction sites is the big question, given that we are part of the problem...

Willing Eco System

  • Products and systems that can be recycled, reused or upcycled
  • Supportive manufactures and suppliers
  • Supportive and willing clients
  • Internal infrastructure that enables this (collection points)

Identifying key product groups that we can form solutions for, things like single use plastics, floor protection, packaging, fixings and fasteners.

Delivery Vehicles

With daily deliveries direct to site (nationwide) we see this as a big contributor to our overall carbon foot print. 17% of our fleet is now electric to ensure reduced carbon emission deliveries. This is a work in progress as we are actively working to convert the rest of our fleet to achieve our overall goal of nett zero emissions.

Actively initiating conversations with our manufacturers (New Zealand and overseas) to ensure that they too are taking proactive steps towards adopting more sustainable practices and solutions.

This isn't a solo endeavour.

Reverse Logistic Solutions:

  • eWaste collections
  • Unused fastener returns
  • ReTex sustainable site protection (supply and collection)
  • Powertool service center to reduce eWaste
  • Encouraging delivery vehicles to return to GFC HQ full rather than empty

There is a long way to go – progress not perfection.