Sika Purigo 5 S Concrete Dust Proofer 20ltr




Sika® Purigo-5 S (NZ) is an economical, easy to use surface hardener and dustproofer for concrete floors. It is a liquid based on ‘activated’ sodium silicate which reacts chemically with calcium hydroxide in the concrete to bind up and tighten the top surface, producing a hard, dust free finish.

Sika® Purigo-5 S (NZ) can also be used to assist with curing of newly laid concrete surfaces. The microcrystalline sealing action of Sika® Purigo-5 S (NZ) binds up the surface pores. This reduces the evaporation of moisture from the concrete and thus helps to assist in better hydration of the cement


Sika® Purigo-5 S (NZ) is an efficient, economic product for use on concrete floors to prevent surface dusting from occurring. It will not, however, make bad disintegrating concrete good. Examples of flooring situations that would gain beneficial effect from the use of Sika® Purigo-5 S (NZ) are:

▪ Warehouses and storage facilities

▪ Factories and assembly plants

▪ Carpark decks

Sika® Purigo-5 S (NZ) can be used to assist with the curing of concrete in vertical or horizontal situations where traditional methods are impractical, or subsequent coatings are to be applied which preclude the use of membrane type curing compounds.


  • Very quick and easy to apply
  • Can be used on both new and old concrete
  • Chemically reacts with concrete to become an integral part of the surface matrix.
  • Sika® Purigo-5 S (NZ) is the economical answer to the problem of surface dusting.
  • Will not prevent overcoating when used to assist with curing of concrete▪
  • Ideal for use as an aid to improve curing when traditional curing methods and membranes are impractical
  • Helps concrete attain maximum hydration, strength, durability and surface hardness.


Sika® Purigo-5 S (NZ) has been tested for curing efficiency and at a coverage rate of 5.5m²/litre the average water loss (evaporation) is 1.42kg/m². Although this result does not meet the requirements for the standard ASTM-C309, it is very effective in areas where film forming membranes, or ponding methods cannot be used.


Chemical Base Water based liquid

Packaging 20 litres

Appearance / Colour Clear liquid

Shelf Life Twelve (12) months from date of manufacture if stored as stated.




SKU N30446341
Brand Sika

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